A little story about YHIAV

Rising from a dying scene is Your Hero is a Villain, a 5 piece Melodic Metalcore/Melodic Hardcore band from Kerman, CA. Formed in June of 2008 by Steffen Clark & Zachary Montoya under the name “Another Shade of Black” or “ASOB” there drive for music has never stopped growing and Mid-September 2009 they officially changed their name to “Your Hero is a Villain”. In November 2009 Vocalist Zachary Montoya passed away from heart failure striking a huge blow to the band. The band recorded the single “Not Another Hometown Hero” as a dedication for his work. With more motivation, Steffen Clark continued to pursue a dream of a fallen friend: reaching out to fans with our lyrics, playing everywhere throughout CA, AZ NM, and Touring. Thanksgiving 2010 they released their first self-titled EP (Frankie V of Scenix Science Studios), and March 25th 2011 the released ‘Impulse & Tendencies’ EP (Kevin Avila of Lighthouse Recording Studios).

As of January 2012 Steffen Clark left his role as Guitarist to become lead vocalist, now that the lineup is finally set to tour they plan on doing so after their First Full Length is recorded, TBA on release