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Help us play warped tour!!!

Posted by YourHeroisaVillain on March 2, 2011 at 3:17 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey Guys this is steffen!!!! so we're trying to win warped tour this year and it would mean alot to us if you guys Voted for us everyday!!! Just register and Vote at:

This would mean alot to us if you would do this please help us out!!!

You asked, So we answered

Posted by YourHeroisaVillain on December 4, 2010 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Some of our fans Tweeted or Messaged us Some questions That we didn't answer on The Video so Here they are


JessicaOMJ from Madera, CA Asked:


1. What Was the Very First Song We Played? As the band Your Hero is a Villain, We Wrote HelloMolly as Our First Song. Steffen wrote it as a Joke, Making Fun of Sam and Frankie's (Old guitarist) Music they listen too


2. Have We seen Step Brothers? Yes We have all Seen Step brothers

3.What's Your View on Bieber Fever?

Sam - The Cure to bieber fever is a Shotgun

Steffen - I don't really know wtf that is

Connie - It's Nice

Anthony - Everyone thinks I look like him it's annoying


CyndiBrightLife Tweeted:

1. How did we meet? We Met Sam Thru Myspace, He played bass in Our First band. The Rest of us Went to High school together


2. What are All our Pet Peeves?


Sam - Going a day without Showering

Steffen - Ignorance

Connie - People who step on on my Safety belt when im Driving

Anthony - Slow Drivers


Nicholas from Selma, CA Asked:

1. Where were you Sept. 11th 2001?

Sam - Sleeping

Steffen - Middle School

Connie - Home

Anthony - School

2. What's your Funniest band Story? There has been alot of Funny things that have happen to us it's really hard To pick the best, Sam Got Felt Up by a Drunk old Lady, Connie and Steffen Have Stalker Fans, and Anthony Always has Random Things in his bass drum beer, weed, animals you know all that kinda stuff.


VoltronisaVillain from Reedley, CA Asked:


1. How Did YHIAV meet?  We Originally Were a band Called "Another Shade of Black" Steffen Played Guitar, Connie Played Keys, Sam Did Bass, and Anthony Played Drums. We met Sam Thru Myspace, and Steffen, connie, and Anthony Went to High School Together

2. Can You Count to Potato?

Sam - I usually Lose count After carrot

Steffen - Is that What's After Infinite?

Connie - I'm Dyslexic

Anthony - What Does that mean?

3. Do You have bands you like Playing with Live With? We enjoy playing with every band, there's really no "favorites" If we did have to Pick though, WE LOVE playing with Sounds & Sciences, Planet to Portal and Heroes re Forever.

4. Is anyone Originally from Out of state, City or Area? Sam is from Mendota, Steffen, Connie, and Anthony Live in Kerman

5. Your thoughts on the new Myspace?

Sam - That Shit's Still Around?

Steffen - I Fucking Hate it!!!

Connie - There's a New Myspace?

Anthony - I don't have one

6. What got YHIAV to Start? Steffen really Pushed this Band together because He was very Close to Zack Montoya (Ex-vocalist) Who Passed away November 2009, We never really had reasons to really want to play until this Year (2010) We have all Had Struggles this year, and if this band is what takes us away from all the bad things then we rather Stay in this band

Marcos from Madera, CA Asked:


1. What's your favorite meal?

Sam - Beer

Steffen - Chinese

Connie - Italian

Anthony - Cup of Noodles

2. How long have you been together? December 18th 2009 was YHIAV's First Show, but we've been a band since 2008 under a different name

3. What inspired us to make the band? Zack had been a big inspiration for Steffen, He puts 75% of his Life into the band. He spends more time on the band, that hanging out with friends, or even going to work. Steffen has got broke trying to get this EP done so he can do what zack couldn't. as far as the rest of the band goes, we follow wahtever Steffen feels We should do.

ErwinisaVillain from San Diego, CA Asked:


1. Where/How can we get our hands on the New 2011 EP? You can order the 2011 EP at our Webstore, Along With our Self-titled EP and other Merch.

2. Are you planning on tour for the 2011? Yes, We are Planning a Tour for 2011, but we are unsure when, there will be for sure 2 tours one possibly with our New friends CARCOSA and the other TBA

3. What are we to expected from the 2011 EP? More organized writing, no more rushing shit like we did on the 2010, The 2011 with be a Lil more heavier, a lil more "Proggy" i guess, The lyrics will make a lil more sense, We're going to be experimenting with other styles as well.

Next_Stop_Neto Tweeted:


1. Who Writes all of your guys' songs? Is there one person? or does everyone pitch in? Steffen writes pretty much all the Music: Guitars, Bass, Keys/Snyth, Drums sometimes. Steffen's Brother Scott Co-writes the drums. Not Another Hometown Hero was the only song not full written by Steffen, it was Co-written and He Kept the song. Sam Writes most of the lyrics Except, Hero & Lion. Hero was written by Zack, and Lion was written by Justin simmons & Anthony Polanco

Thanks for sending in your questions if there are anymore you would like to ask feel free to leave a comment




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